Business Partners Solutions
PasswordSoft can not only provide complementary product and technologies but also facilitate the business of the partners by offering handy tools and resource. The following partner descriptions will help you determine what type of partnership suits you.

Reseller Partners

    BIOS/CMOS Password Recovery Tool and Reseller program is for businesses that want to directly sell our products. If you operate a computer repair business, or you are a system integrator, value-added reseller (VAR) or IT consultant, then your customers can benefit from the award-winning range of PasswordSoft products. As an authorized Reseller, you can purchase discounted products that you can resell to your customers in store, onsite or online.

Affiliate Program

  •  Why Join Us
    Become an affiliate if you are a Website Owner and want to earn up to 45% in commissions. .

Other Partnership and Co-Marketing Options

    As manufacturer you can integrate, or bundle, world-class Uniblue products with your own solutions, to provide your clients with award winning value-added solutions.If you have different needs or wishes, or have other co-marketing ideas, feel free to contact us by email any time. We are happy to enter into any mutually beneficial business relationship.